Objective: Increase website traffic

Solution suggested: ORGANIC LINK BUILDING 

Market is very crowded, there is so much competition in the market, there are many big players in the online market like amazon, flipcart, grofers etc. We cannot compete with them but we can find our unique selling point and enter from that to create a loyal customer base.

Here is a story of a dry fruit manufacturer who want to sell this products online. He created online presence on amazon, grofers and a E-commerce website.

He stated getting orders from amazon and grofers. Now he knows which are his best products for online market. He made the list and started selling it on website but it went wrong because keywords were optimized for amazon and grofers. It is impossible to compete them.

We were doing local optimization for them. With dryfruit keywords. Found that they were getting traffic on Ayurveda products, so changed our strategy and started optimizing those keywords.


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