• Minimum Site loading time
  • Happy balance between design and functionality
  • Great Call to actions
  • Availability of product


Minimum Site loading time: NO matter how good or bad your content is if the page is not loaded then it is a loss of time and money.  47% of users expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, so we need to optimize it by focusing on on-page SEO. GT Matrix is a google tool that tells web pages score.

Similarly, google speed checker help in maintaining mobile website speed as well. 80% of searches are triggered by mobile. The audience craves for information to kill time. Having a link on search results can get traffic on the website but if your website is not mobile-friendly then the exit rate will increase.

Hence optimization of mobile is a must to reduce the exit rate and bounce rate.

Checklist of mobile-friendly website. how to optimize a website for mobile. How to create visibility through mobile. (Three blogs needed)

Happy balance between design and functionality: 

Design catches the attention of the audience and keeps you separate from the competitor. Good design reflects the personality and values of the brand. It leaves a message about how professional and quality conscious you are.  When building a house architect creates a space for each utility area similarly UX designer creates each page keeping objective of that web page in mind. Fix a website architecture as per the online marketing strategy.

Define the type of audience you want on the website. Try to answer their queries in one go without letting them switch to other pages to increase stickiness on the page.

The functionality lets the user stick with the website. A website with great functionality leads to revisiting for many reasons.

Great Call to actions

There are many call to actions which can be added on the website to increase engagement like pop us, Live chat, subscribe for a newsletter etc. Call to cations should be crafted in such a manner, they must be visible on the website when the audience needs it. We can set timers on the website pages to know if the audience feels lost then those call to actions will be visible.

Availability of product: The biggest frustrations audience face when they search for a product, find the link reach on the page but saw out of stock message on the page. So make sure to update the page frequently with lat4est products, in case of a product not available then show similar kind of product on the same page to reduce the exit rate.

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