About the Client: Sumit Kharbanda is a Mind Reader and Illusionist based in KaramPura

Client Overview: We have created online presence on search engines and social media handles with help of website, facebook and you tube, Instagram

Requirement: To became a BRAND NAME for mindreading and illusions in corporate events

  • Creating Brand Awareness
  • Getting repetitive Customers from corporates
  • Generating brand recall value in the mind marketing and admin heads of corporates
  • Generating 10 quality leads in month
  • Creating a sales funnel for new client acquisition

Our Suggestion:

WeSimplifys suggested them Full digital marketing plan keeping their objective in mind.

  • Website Revamping
  • SEO
  • Optimizing social handles
  • Google ads
  • Linked in promotion

Solution suggested:

  • SEO: Optimised website with best performing keywords
  • Website Revamping:
  • Changes in UX to increase engagement on website
  • Make prominent call to actions


SEO: Due to highly competitive market we started with optimizing locally and slowly increased the arena till india. Now website is ranked with most of keywords at global level

Google ads: Using unique keyword strategy for search ads help us generate 13 leads in spent of INR 800/- in 15 days

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