You are running an e-commerce store online but it not performing well, This is the right time you listen to your customers and identify their needs, problems, and values to amend it till is starts performing for business success. Let’s discuss some aspects of why E-commerce doesn’t perform.

  • The negative reputation of your product or business online
  • Web pages have Higher bounce rate and exit rate
  • Market Segmentation is not done correctly
  • The website does not respond automatically when audience triggers a query (EMAIL AND SMS notifications)
  • Too much exit from add to cart page
  • SEO not performing well
  • Freshness of content


Online reputation: it is a reputation of a company, product or service on the digital platforms. This reputation can be built with the help of three types of media

Owned media: personal and company social pages and websites are regarded as to own assets online.

Earned media: reviews, rating on search, social media pages and other websites gave customers

Paid media: Promoting content online by using ads to improve website traffic and presence on social platforms. Digital marketing companies use all these media to manage the reputation online

79% consumers trust the online reviews and visibility you have online before making the buying decision. This visibility includes social handles and search. 40% of the audience search for information at the awareness stage of their buying cycle. Rest may search at the comparing stage etc. So building a positive online reputation at each level of the online sales cycle is very critical and important for each business. There are many tools available in the market to calculate and manage a reputation online.

Why Web pages have Higher bounce rate and exit rate

What is bounce rate: bounce rate is a term used in website traffic which shows several visitors reach on the website and leaves it. How many of them switch to other pages. Lower bounce rate means the higher authority of a website

What is the exit rate: It is a data which shows how long the last session was. How many visitors exit from the website. Lower the exit rate shows visitors are engaged on the website hence build authority.

It is very hard to digest that your baby is not performing well in school. Because of bad design and aesthetics. Google Analytics (report card) tells the story of each page. The audience is coming to the website but exit quickly because they feel frustrated when not able to find the relevant information in minimum clicks. You will be surprised to know site loading page, ux, usability of the website, call to actions are the major factors for higher bounce and exit rate. By defining the key performance parameters to calculate engagement can reduce exit rate and bounce rate on the website.


Brand value: it is an intangible asset that shows the value of your business. It reflects the personality of your business, keeps you separate from your competitors. As we know online Marketing can open a global market of business in a very short period however people don’t know you in starting. So building a brand online can give you global reach and huge growth in a short period. the loyal customer base comes with building a brand. 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from more socially responsible companies, 2017. (Interbrand) (

A company’s unique traits and benefits come along when customers engage with the company.

Having patience: Working with e-commerce, is a new business no matter who old your business is offline. So it will take time to find an appropriate strategy of success for your business. At the initial stage give a try with one product to learn from your failures, then plan every bit and come up with a full-fledged product.

Market Segmentation: The online market is becoming saturated now. To have a successful online business we need to find a gap in the market. Lack of market segmentation can lead to expensive marketing, Heavy Investment. The company may face problems in achieving the result in minimum downtime.

Perform Extensive research to understand the market trends, competitors, gap, buying behaviors, geographical factors, Psychographic factors and position your product accordingly. There are a couple of tools available in the market to perform the analysis at every stage of the online sales cycle. These tools can help in amend online business strategy to maximize your results with minimum budget.

This segmentation can help you in devising marketing strategy with Targeted results within your budgets.

A proactive and communicative website is a key to success (EMAIL AND SMS notifications): Everyone likes a proactive salesperson who is very expressive and helpful in terms of follow up, coordination, understanding the needs etc. Similarly, if a website responds on an error occurrence automatically and gives relevant suggestions via e-mail, live chat, SMS or pop-ups then the audience will be engaged and stick to the website more. More engagement means more sales. E-commerce must have full proof of E-mail and SMS integrations in place.

SEO not performing: Organic Visibility is a very powerful tool that allows your business to reach out to people who need your service or product. There are three factors why your SEO is not performing well.

Keywords which you are using are optimizing are very competitive or used by brands. So it is impossible to get rank with those keywords. You need to have a unique keyword strategy to create visibility at each level of sales funnel. Define a content marketing strategy with rich content to get traffic related to your unique product. Check which in search console which product is getting maximum hits. Build the SEO keyword strategy focusing on this keyword.



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