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Modules to Improve Customer Support in E-Commerce

Updated: Mar 9

"Unlock unparalleled customer satisfaction by integrating these dynamic modules to elevate your e-commerce customer support to new heights."

1. Live Chat Module: Insert a Live- chat section on your website for a real- time communication with the customers and other support agents, so that you can easily solve the queries and problems. 

Live chat module in wordpress 

Live chat module in Shopify

Live chat module in Magento 

2. Helpdesk/Ticketing System: Insert a ticketing system or helpdesk that will help the customer to submit the support tickets and inquiries that will help in ensuring the customers issue more efficiently. 

Helpdesk/ Ticketicking system in wordpress

Helpdesk / Ticketicking in Shopify

3. Knowledge Base/FAQ Module: Indulge in more of F&Q for the customers module for their better understanding for self service of the customers as this will make the customers easy to find questions and answers of their queries. 

Knowledge based/ F&Q module in wordpress

Live chat module in Shopify

Live chat module in Magento 

4. Customer Account Portal: Develop a kind of portal where customers can easily track and access the order history, track shipments, request returns, and manage their personal information independently.

Customer account portal wordpress

Customer account portal in Shopify

Customer account portal in Magento 

5. Social Media Integration: Indulge in all social media platform so that your customers can easily monster and aise the queries which can uphold within a short period of time. 

Social media Integration in Wordpress

Social media Integration in Shopify

Social media Integration in Magento

6. Order Status Notifications: Reduces the need for support requests pertaining to order updates by setting up automated order status alerts that tell clients about the status of their orders. 

Order status notification in Wordpress

Order status notification in Shopify

Order status notification in Magento

7. Return/Refund Management Module: Create a good system of refund and return policy that will help in the easly handling of queries related to this types of issues, as these issue were assigned to support and resolve the problem. 

Return/Refund Management in Wordpress

Return/Refund management in Shopify

Return/ Refund Management in Magento 

8. Escalation and Routing Module: Incorporates an escalation and routing module that ensures complex or high-priority issues are assigned to the appropriate support agents or teams for prompt resolution.

Scalation and routing module in Wordpress

9. Chatbot Integration: Instal a chatbox session to your website to solve all the queries and problem that are in the mind of the customers, as should provide a free chatbox live session to solve the queries. 

Chatbox integration in Wordpress 

Chatbox integration in Shopify 

Chatbox integration in Magento 

10. Feedback and Review Management: Allow every type of feedback and review to come as this will give you an idea about the market. 

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