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Do you think SEO works or not??

SEO helps search engines crawl and categorize your website so that it can better rank web pages when users type in a search query.

Every business required SEO. but in most of cases it does not bring results and then we say SEO does not work for my business.

However, we need to define the following pointers while starting SEO.

1. Weekly Report: These weekly reports encourage new opportunities to improve traffic and engagement on the website and social media

2. Call to action: add multiple call to action, to increase the probability of getting contacted. Understand the type of traffic coming on the website with relevant keywords and plan call to action accordingly.

3. What is offered for promotion: A good strategy with a definitive objective can really boost traffic and sales organically. like `Webinar, course, trial offer, event, camp.

For example we can add USP, Benefit, offer in meta title and description to convert impressions into clicks.

Bounce rate: Website developed in old pattern, no call to actions, audience feel confused when they reach website are some common factors why website has bounce rate.

Use search console, google analytics to find pages with maximum bounce rate and exit rate. and resolve the challenge of finding content.

4. landing pages: Provide clear cut information on landing pages related to keywords and objective in mind, and page objective. increase form filled and engagement

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Interlinking: Create a structure of interlinking keeping keywords in mind.

Technical SEO: Pay extra attention to make your website crawlable with help of technical SEO tools,

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A Secure and Accessible Website.: We

Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)

Mobile Friendliness.

Domain Age, URL, and Authority.

Optimized Content.

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