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Avoid these 10 common mistakes while choosing DIGITAL MARKETER for your business

1. Not Researching enough:

Not doing enough research on the digital marketer's experience and track record of past work and skill set

2. Blindly running towards low charges:

Choosing a digital marketer based solely on price, rather than evaluating their skills, offering and expertise.

3. Unclear goals, objectives

Not defining clear goals and objectives before hiring a digital marketer. Type of goals we can assign quarterly bases

  1. Customer increase on the website

  2. Showing visibility among the right audience

  3. Engaging the audience

  4. Improving website traffic of returning visitors

  5. Improving customer leads/ sales

  6. Drive first purchases.

4. Discussing the scope

Failing to discuss the scope of work with the digital marketer before starting the project. some examples of the scope of work are

  1. Number of posts in a month for social media

  2. number of blogs for SEO/SOCIAL MEDIA

  3. What a website development will include

  4. Daily activity planner for influencer marketing

  5. Number of campaigns on social media and search

5. Not asking for references:

Not asking for references or case studies from previous clients of the digital marketer. blindly trusting the client may go wrong.

6. Hiring a digital marketer who lacks experience in your industry or niche


7. Choosing a digital marketer who uses risky or unethical tactics such as black hat SEO or spammy email marketing. this may lead to blacklisting your website or IP from E-mail marketing

8. Not setting up a system for execution and reporting

Not establishing clear communication channels with the digital marketer, results in misunderstandings and delays. Set up systems in Google sheet and flow before starting the work to avoid delays and

9. Not having a performance analyser:

We have a mobile application that gives a complete report of website traffic, sales, leads, and customer engagement. Failing to review and analyze performance metrics to gauge the success of digital marketing campaigns.

10. Using old methods:

Not keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in digital marketing, which can lead to missed opportunities and reduced effectiveness of campaigns." learn basis

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