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More Sales & Brand Recall

Our in-house, profit-focused ad management experts have helped over 100 companies turn wasteful ad spend into sustained profitability

Must for each business to show online credibility

This package is popular among startups who need growth and foundation online. After creating basic visibility you can manage your online presence own. There will be a training session of 5 hours to help you understand how you can manage the social accounts of own

Time involved: 1 month


Google Business page
30 back Links
Google Shopping page
On page SEO


Training session for posting
Creation of social pages any 2
30 – Custom graphics
Campigan Management
use any two Platforms
Page likes
post likes
2 Template for post in ppt
Getting 2000 Followers
Organically growing followers  by engaging them
Give a Recognition of your business with ONLINE BRANDING TOOLS. Earn a loyal customer base
Mostly used for companies who want to create a brand recall value in the mind of customers.
  •  Search Engine Optimization:  Get a guaranteed No. 1 ranking on google first page
  • Social Media Marketing: Content marketing plan to engage customers and micro-influencers
  • Ad Management: Populating content with help of google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ad, and Instagram ads
  • Influencer Management: get referrals and BUSINESS with help by engaging micro-influencers


SEO for 10 keywords
4- 6 blogs in month
5 creatives
 1 Article
4 Pod cast


ideas for post keeping latest trends, news, intrest and lifestyle of Target Group
Finding new and performing Hash tags
Writing content for each post
Dashboard to generate requests & manage efforts on the go
On boarding Call with Social Media Marketing Expert
Comprehensive Social Media Content Calendar
Performance Report with Analytics
Specialized Facebook Adverts Campaigns**
Joining groups
Interacting in groups (5 hours in a week)
Engaging in groups – 5 hours in a week
Replying to the post

E-mail Marketing system

We can help you device a automated E-mail Marketing system which has

  • Lead nurturing system/Templates
  • Building relationships with your clients,
  • Responsive and beautifully curated and designed mails

Ad Management

Need mobile app installs, E-commerce sales , need you tube views,



Mainly for E-commerce who need sales from websites or company websites who need to build a database. Need leads, E-mail subscriptions,


E-mail Campagions to turn subcribers into customers and advocates
Remarketing on Search to attract customers on website for sales


Creating Content marketing plan to engage customers and micro influencers
campagian mangment of multible products
Engaging influencers Organically
Turning Followers into E-mail SUbscribers
Attracting visitor to revisit the social handle to became brand advocate
Companies who want to manage influencers and brand mentions online. This package is ideal for them. Creating positive REPUTATION in the market to generate sales focusing on negative review removal, Using social media as customer care, managing multiple campaigns,


Managing negitive reviews
Building Positive reputation by replying negative post and adding good feedbacks on online portals


Brand managment on social handles
Contests & Promotions
Brand managment on social handles
Social Media Platforms – Audit & Remedial Action
Social Customer Care*
Brand moniteriering tools will be used to find sentiment of your brand among the influencers
 service keyword
1 brand keyword
50 influencers mgt


Convert and monetize from website traffic

We have turned more that 250 websites into lead generation machines in 3 years. Claim a FREE website audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much budget we need to spent

How much budget we need to spent

What is a basic profile we need for linked in to start getting leads

To show credibility we need to have basic profile with services we are engaged in.

What will be the tentative time to start getting leads

1 week to 10 days

What is a use of gif, landing page, E-Book?

It is a hook for audience to drop their e-mail and phone number.

When will i see result

We need 1 week to 10 days to set up your project. after 10 days your project will be live with a website and google ads words.

I did not get business from this activity?

Our job is to give you contact details of interested people rest is upon you how you convert it.

How we will use linked for promotion

It is great platform for B2b connections. Organic promotions can bring results for linkedin

Why we need display ads to create brand awareness?

Audience like to check news, innovations online. We can easily reach them by defining target audience

what is a tentative time involved?

If we have pictures we will take 10 days to complete the whole website

What type of content needed to get leads from linked in

Discussion, contests, content which tells you are expert in your field, recommendations, testimonials, brand you have worked for

What are the payment terms

we need 100% advance to initiate the project.

Where this ad will show up?

this ad will show up on [AD] section of google search page