Dairylac is brand name registered https://dairylac.com/Mallekan Dairy and Agro Pvt Ltd. We are providing pure milk products like Milk, Ghee and Curd, home delivered directly to the customer. The region under service is Delhi-NCR and Chandigarh TriCity area. We are supplying dairy products like Milk, Ghee and Curd.
Services offered: Website Revamping, Maintanince and Social Media Marketing,
Headquarters: Delhi
Factory: Chandigarh
Industry: Milk Company
Target group: Mothers
Services executed:
  • Social Media marketing

  • Website

  • Ad words

  • SEO

Website traffic:
Social Media Management:
Solution Suggested: Online audience is very well educated. they are in the habit of buying from nestle quality products and advertising. If we need to penetrate the market we need to build a strong online presence.

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