Reasons why E-commerce is not performing?

  You are running an e-commerce store online but it not performing well, This is the right time you listen to your customers and identify their needs, problems, and values to amend it till is starts performing for business success. Let’s discuss some aspects of why E-commerce doesn’t perform. The negative reputation of your product […]

How is influencer engagement measured?

        How is influencer engagement measured? Engagement is a crucial element for any influencer marketing campaign. We certainly want to know how far our brand reputation has traveled among people. The more reach our influencer marketing campaign has, the more sales we can get. Measuring an influencer’s reach can help us know […]

What makes an authoritative website

What makes an authoritative website

  Are you a business owner who needs online sales? Are you in an E-commerce business who is doing online branding for a long time but it is not giving desired results? The biggest lack in your strategy is a poorly designed website. I know it is very difficult to accept your baby is not […]

Tips to build a positive online reputation for E-commerce stores.

  79% consumers trust the online reviews and visibility you have online before making the buying decision. This visibility includes social handles and search. 40% of the audience search for information at the awareness stage of their buying cycle. Rest may search at the comparing stage etc. So building a positive online reputation at each […]