Overview:Joints & Seals Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2008 one of the leading manufacturer, importers, exporters, supplier and installer of modular expansion joint systems, joint seals and membranes apart from providing a specialized services to the construction industry.

Headquaters:  Delhi, Himachal

Industry: Construction company

Target group: Architectural firms

Services Executed:

  • Website revamping
  • Linked in marketing

E-mail marketing

Challenges:Joints & Seals Pvt. Ltd is doing fabulous work since 2008 but not able to reach to new architectural firms through online presence. The biggest lack was the website because it was not able to communicate fabulous work they done so far and most prestigious clients through website.

Our Suggestion: We suggested them redesigning of pages by adding prestigious work, milestones, and industry they cater to have a strong online presence. After that we ensure regular updates on linked in to engage and fetch meeting from prospects.

We created a e-mail system to create a brand recall value in the mind of existing clients.

Results: 7 leads generated in a month

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